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Which filling material is best for my teeth?

I think it’s important to know the differences between the types of filling materials. That way, if you need a restoration, you’ll understand how each material will behave, how long it will last, and how it will look.

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If you’re planning for a baby, here’s what you need to know.

You’re probably asking yourself why does my smile (or mouth) have anything to do with my pregnancy and why is my dentist offering advice? Do you remember the old ditty “my knee bone is connected to my hip bone” well for some reason it has taken healthcare providers thousands of years to make a link between […]

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Why Oasis Dental is different.

At Oasis Dental we know that the choices you make now will greatly affect the rest of your dental journey. Your teeth DO NOT grow back and without quality care you may not be able to keep your teeth for life. I’ve been in dentistry for 20 years and as a young graduate I tried […]

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