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Crown Lengthening – What is it Used for and Is It Right for Me?

Crown lengthening is a sophisticated procedure to lengthen a tooth by removing any excess gum surrounding it, and possibly some bone. You may want to consider crown lengthening for functional or aesthetic purposes. Crown lengthening can save a severely damaged tooth. This treatment may be necessary to achieve aesthetic goals. Crown Lengthening for Functional Purposes […]

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What is saliva testing?

By Fiona Ligertwood (edited and created by Kristen Kizer) What is saliva? Saliva is a natural disinfectant that protects teeth and gums. It helps prevent decay, tooth enamel erosion, gum recession, and has many more important attributes. Another one of saliva’s roles is to keep the pH of the mouth balanced. How does our mouth […]

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What is a Tooth Cavity?

A cavity is an opening or hole in a tooth where it has begun to decay, and which allows infection-causing bacteria to enter the tooth. Tooth decay is usually caused by a combination of factors including poor oral hygiene, snacking frequently, or consuming too many sugary or acidic drinks. Tooth decay is unfortunately very common […]

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