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What is cost and what is Value?

One of the first questions people ask when they purchase anything is “what does it cost?”  Unlike buying a new pair of shoes or a new TV, dental treatment should not be seen as a discretionary expense. Considering only cost of treatment can be dangerous, however, because cost alone does not consider value. Value is […]

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Cost vs value in dentistry

In the previous blog, I introduced the idea of cost versus value using the example of an old car that doesn’t last verses a newer car that does; the first is cheaper up front, but the latter is a better value. To keep dental costs as low as possible, many dentists only offer cheaper treatment, […]

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The Electric Toothbrush

Technology has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, and dentistry is no exception to the rule. Just as technology has drastically changed medicine, technology has improved dentistry over the past two decades. There have been advances in dental materials, processes, and instrumentation with an overall trend towards higher quality dental practices. It’s important to […]

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Filling Materials

One of the oldest filling materials is dental amalgam. It was called “amalgam” because it was an amalgamation of five different materials including mercury. Even though the mercury is bound, and amalgam fillings did a really good job of fixing holes, the fact that it was visible as black as well as the mercury content […]

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