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What is the Patient responsibility in regards to their oral hygiene

Besides having regular dental exams, you also need professional hygiene visits and your own good oral hygiene routine. While you may think occasionally skipping brushing and flossing isn’t a big deal, remember your mouth is an unstable environment constantly under attack from bacteria. Since we don’t clean perfectly each time, like a dirty casserole dish […]

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What is the Dentist’s responsibility

Poor dentistry can create an array of dental problems, so it’s extremely important that your dentist is properly trained in providing modern dental care and that he or she provides quality services. My responsibility as a dentist is to diagnose problems early, provide detailed information about the cause of problems, and educate you on the […]

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How to Tell the Difference Between Preventative, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

There are so many fields of dentistry that it is worth knowing the difference between each and how treatments can assist you. Preventative Dentistry Preventative dentistry is the foundation of good dental health, involving regular dental examinations, hygiene treatments and x-rays. While the recommendation is to see the dentist at least every six months, at […]

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Neuromuscular Dentistry and How It Can Help with TMJ Disorders

Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ disorder is a problem affecting the jaw joints hinging your lower jaw. When your teeth, jaw joints and facial muscles are imbalanced, the muscles and joints can become inflamed creating various problems such as jaw pain, facial pain, chronic headaches or migraines and earache. The pain can even extend into […]

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