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It’s Time to Use It or Lose It!

The New Year fast approaching and most private health insurance dental benefits expire on the 31st December. Unfortunately, most health funds do not allow rollover of benefits – they take a USE IT OR LOSE IT APPROACH. It is essential that if you have any required treatment that they are booked in and completed before […]

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Don’t wait until your car breaks down.

Being organised and prepared is what protects us when things don’t go well. Whether it’s work commitments, family challenges or just the monotonous household chores, we often put off the little things that can very fast become big things. We know being pro-active is the key. You don’t buy home insurance after your house burns down and with a little […]

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Top tips to stay cool

We’re having such a run of hot weather so we’re reminding our team and patients how to keep cool. This infographic produced by the ACT Government is a great tool – share with your family and friends and keep an eye out for the elderly and young. More information can be found here.    

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Why we’re here

We’ve recently completed this little project to assist in sharing who we are… we’re pleased to share this with you and we hope you’ll see what drives us to offer the very best quality dentistry, dentistry that’s not just for tomorrow but for the many, many years ahead. For more information call us on 02 6162 3888

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