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Filling Process and CAD- CAM Technology

In the past, gold and porcelain restorations took at least two appointments, as you needed to return to have the lab-made restorations cemented in place.  There was lag time between appointments waiting for the lab work, and people found it inconvenient coming to the dentist twice for just one issue.

New advances in technology mean that CAD-CAM (Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Manufacturing) porcelain restorations can be made and cemented in-house during the same appointment. These restorations are as accurate, if not more so than those made in a dental laboratory.

CAD-CAM technology is not cheap for dentists to invest in, so not every dental practice has the equipment. At Oasis we have not just one of these CAD-CAM systems but two! You can even watch the whole process if you like. All of this means if you need a crown or porcelain filling you only have to make one appointment since we do everything onsite in the same visit.

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