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Get to know us.

Our commitment to providing the best dentistry begins with
sharing our knowledge.

Join us at our next information session where you’ll learn about dentistry from our dentists themselves. You’ll be armed with enough information to work out how to get your teeth back on track. And remember, the more you know, the better you’ll be able to look after your teeth – even if you don’t proceed with an appointment.

What to expect when you can expect better.

Your oral health journey is a lifetime commitment and we’re here to help you choose the right path.

By following the below timeline, you can see how we’ll structure your dental experience with us. We aim to offer the best possible delivery of treatment (packaged into longer appointments) to save you time and money.

We Educate You

Treatment Delivery


Traditional pay-as-you-go dental treatment is available for those who do not want appointments in longer sessions.

The Benefits of Packaged Treatment

Extensive treatment is completed in a fixed price appointment, including porcelain/ceramic restorations
Longer sessions will ensure that the relationship between your teeth is ideal
You consolidate your time and effort
Oral Care is complimentary for the first year

I realised that you don't get a second shot at this. Your teeth don't grow back! Dr Rick was very clear about what needed to happen to get me to a positive end state.

John Fleming, Patient 2016
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