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Restorative Package

The restorative packages are designed to allow us to complete extensive treatment in the most efficient and cost effective way. Because it all happens at once, we can ensure that your treatment is harmonious – that is, your bite is comfortable and the relationship between your teeth is ideal.

Choosing to package your restorative dental work can save you thousands. The appointments are completed at your pace, with movies, Netflix, blankets and refreshments breaks whenever you need.

The restorative packages apply when multiple teeth are restored with porcelain at the same appointment and the savings are are as below:

  • Single porcelain restoration = full Fee as per item number
  • 2 porcelain restorations = 15% courtesy applied to both restorations
  • 3 porcelain restorations = 25% courtesy applied to all 3 restorations
  • 4 or more porcelain restorations = 35% courtesy applied to all porcelain restorations

This package is our signature product. More information is available at our information evening where our dentists can answer any questions you may have.

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