Root Canal Treatment in Canberra

Oasis Dental is a dental clinic located in Canberra, specialising in comprehensive dental treatments including preventative, cosmetic, emergency, root canal treatment Canberra and restorative services. Root canals may be necessary if a tooth is damaged or infected, and Oasis Dental is able to book you in for emergency services if required.


Root canals are a necessary treatment to save a seriously infected or damaged tooth. The procedure involves removing bacteria and dying tissue from inside the tooth. Root canals are necessary if the infection is deep within the tooth, usually caused by an injury or an untreated cavity. Avoiding treatment could lead to your tooth being removed, and the removal of a tooth and replacement with a new one can cost significantly more than the initial root canal. This is why dental professionals will always urge you to act as soon as possible to save you time and money.

With Oasis Dental, we aim to provide you with a friendly, educational service each time you step foot into our office. We want to inform our patients of the treatment they require, and use our experience and passion to educate you throughout each step of your treatment. Our honest team are committed to your healthy gums and teeth, and are able to provide you with cosmetic, preventative and restorative care.


While injuries happen, preventative dentistry is the best way to reduce the need for invasive treatments like root canals. Regular check-ups will ensure you are informed of any infections in your teeth, so you can act fast. Oasis Dental ensures no surprise costs, a variety of services for any instance and a beautiful, inviting space that won’t feel like your traditional dentist.

To book an appointment for root canal treatment, get in touch with Oasis Dental today. Our clinic is conveniently located for patients in Canberra, Griffith and Manuka, and our friendly team are always happy to find an appointment that suits you.


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