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The Electric Toothbrush

Technology has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, and dentistry is no exception to the rule.

Just as technology has drastically changed medicine, technology has improved dentistry over the past two decades. There have been advances in dental materials, processes, and instrumentation with an overall trend towards higher quality dental practices. It’s important to choose a practice that has kept up with the times. Here at Oasis we believe Innovative technology in dentistry is something that holds inherent value to a practice.

Electric toothbrushes have become more prevalent and less expensive in recent years, providing a better clean than manually brushing. While some patients still ask me which is better, I believe there is no better way to brush and the electric toothbrush wins every time.

You can achieve the same result with a manual brush if you want to spend more time brushing your teeth. You might as well make use of technology and allow something that’s mechanised to do the job for you. Electric toothbrushes oscillate 2,000 times a minute! Think of it like using a dishwasher verses manually washing the dishes. Both get the job done, but one is a lot faster.

I advise every patient of mine who doesn’t have an electric toothbrush, to go buy one, but make sure to use a soft brush head that’s not too large.

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