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Get to know us.

Our commitment to providing the best dentistry begins with
sharing our knowledge.

Join us at our next information session where you’ll learn about dentistry from our dentists themselves. You’ll be armed with enough information to work out how to get your teeth back on track. And remember, the more you know, the better you’ll be able to look after your teeth – even if you don’t proceed with an appointment.

Dentistry, but not as you know it.

The first time you step foot in the door, and every visit thereafter, we’re there with you on your oral healthcare journey. Our focus is on individual people and business profits are not our driving force, that’s why we keep our patient base limited. We partner with you to plan for predictable outcomes, creating a comprehensive diagnosis and an oral health plan that covers our three main treatment types, preventative, cosmetic, and restorative, all aimed at restoring your mouth to a healthy state.


We educate 

Most people have little to no idea what they need to do to keep their teeth healthy.
We’re here to change that, helping you understand how to maintain your oral health for the rest of your life.

Day spa

Our clinic doesn’t feel like a clinic.
We want to be a place that patients actually enjoy visiting.
An experience they can look forward to and feel relaxed about.
That’s why our boutique service has been instilled with day spa luxury.

Restorative Packages

We’re not about quick and cheap fixes, but we do understand the importance of being efficient and cost effective.
Our extensive treatments are completed in longer sessions to save you time and money.

We guarantee our work

A beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth and gums.
That’s why we focus on restorative work first, setting you up with a strong and healthy mouth.
We then give you the knowledge you need to keep it that way for life. Guaranteed.

Absolutely no surprises

We’ll never spring treatments or costs on you.
Our fixed price packages allow us to be completely transparent with fees, and our educative approach means you’ll understand what work you need done and why.
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