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Digital Smile Design

Excellent restorative and cosmetic dentistry can dramatically change the appearance of your smile. These procedures are useful if your teeth are affected by disease or injury, or if you would love to perfect and enhance your appearance. However, sometimes, cosmetic dentistry can seem like a gamble as to whether you will like the outcome. It is a major concern for most people as a cosmetic smile makeover can involve a significant amount of time and money. It can be nerve-wracking when you must keep your fingers crossed that you will get an outcome you love.

This is why Oasis Dental has chosen to use Digital Smile Design (DSD). With this sophisticated technology, we offer our patients better results and a more predictable treatment outcome. Also, you are intimately involved with the process of designing your new smile. With DSD, you will physically try in your new smile before we make any changes to your teeth, placing you firmly in control of your future smile.


What Is DSD?

DSD is a unique tool that helps us to plan your treatment more accurately, bringing our diagnostic vision to life. It helps to enhance predictability and improves communication between our patients and us. Your treatment plan is based on a thorough analysis of your teeth and facial features. We use digital scans, videos, photographs and temporary mockups of your teeth to gain an accurate view of the relationship between your teeth, gums and lips, and we can see clearly how the treatments suggested will work with your facial features.

We use the temporary mockup to make a physical model of your proposed treatment plan and which you can try in your mouth so you can see if you will like the results. It’s an approach that allows you to adjust the design until you are entirely happy with the outcome. Our dentist can manipulate the plan until you love your new look.

What Are the Main Advantages of DSD?

DSD allows us to create a digital design that will provide the most beautiful smile. Every treatment is carefully tailored to ensure it protects and perfects the appearance of your teeth while working harmoniously with other essential factors like your facial structure, including your jaws, your gender and skin tone. Because we can alter the digital images, we can see how a particular tooth shape or shade will affect your overall appearance. Best of all, you get to view these images too and are involved in the entire process from start to finish.

By seeing the images of your smile design, you’ll find it easier to communicate your needs and desires to our dental team so together we can improve the three-dimensional images of your teeth until you are entirely happy. The ability to physically try your smile is crucial, helping to remove any uncertainties you may have about your chosen restorative or cosmetic dental treatments and allowing for further changes to the design. DSD eliminates any problems with miscommunication, so instead of feeling a little apprehensive about your new smile, you can genuinely look forward to seeing its completion.

What Is the Process for DSD?


Initially, our dentist will examine your teeth and gums and will talk to you about your desires for treatment.


Next, we take high-quality digital photographs and videos using a tiny digital scanner. The scanner creates highly accurate 3-D images of your teeth, allowing us to begin planning your new smile. We then create a virtual model of your mouth and will show you images of how your teeth should look at the end of treatment. Because the images are 3-D, we can ensure that each restorative treatment recommended not only looks beautiful but is fully functional too.


We create a physical model that you can try in your mouth so you get to try before you buy, just as you would when purchasing new clothes. We only begin the actual treatment once you are happy with the design.

With DSD you can receive a smile makeover you will truly love.

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