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Why Oasis Dental is different.

At Oasis Dental we know that the choices you make now will greatly affect the rest of your dental journey. Your teeth DO NOT grow back and without quality care you may not be able to keep your teeth for life.

I’ve been in dentistry for 20 years and as a young graduate I tried to accommodate everyone and said what I thought the patient wanted to hear, the easiest treatments that were the quickest and cheapest.  I didn’t push hard enough on the very negative impact that choosing this option might have. I was afraid my patients wouldn’t understand, that they’d think I was up-selling or trying to scare them and not trust my recommendations.

So I was trapped in a consistent churn model, 30 minutes per patient and up to 16 patients a day, just to cover my overheads and pay my staff. I was still barely covering my bills and I was disheartened. I thought I must churn faster. It was such a tiresome journey as I found my patients were often returning with the same problems year after year.

While my treatments were still good and my patients were happy it didn’t really solve anyone’s problem and all I wanted was the freedom to fix my patient’s situation, fix it well and provide them with long-term solutions that they could rely upon from a functional and aesthetic perspective.

So, what did I do? I finally gave up on the churn! I spent time and money and investigated the biggest barriers to patients accepting the best treatments solutions and they were in this order: trust, money and time.

And what emerged was the Oasis Dental treatment model. I forged ahead and went with my goal of offering an exclusive experience that delivers the very best that dentistry has to offer. This is how I explain what makes us different:

We offer the highest quality restorations in longer appointments to save you time and money. We provide packaged fees so you know what your extensive treatment will include and because we believe in our restorative ability we also add a guarantee. All you need to do is commit to us by attending your regular examinations and hygiene appointments and then you’re set.

You see, we also commit to you and it becomes a very real partnership. Costs are not hidden, efficiencies in treatment delivery could save you thousands and you’ll become one of the many patients who have experienced a better way. Imagine being able to file the worry away and smile knowing that you’ve taken control and invested in your health for now and for the many years ahead.

You might be thinking that it’s very brave of us to announce how simple it is, so let us show you how uncomplicated it can be. Come along to a FREE information session, bring a friend or loved one, or bring a friend that you know has struggled to gain control of their oral heath situation. I’ll be there to answer your questions and I’d love to show you a better way.

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