Crown Lengthening – What is it Used for and Is It Right for Me?

Crown lengthening is a sophisticated procedure to lengthen a tooth by removing any excess gum surrounding it, and possibly some bone. You may want to consider crown lengthening for functional or aesthetic purposes. Crown lengthening can save a severely damaged tooth. This treatment may be necessary to achieve aesthetic goals.

Crown Lengthening for Functional Purposes

We may suggest crown lengthening when there isn’t enough healthy tooth structure above the gum, perhaps because the tooth has broken off at the gumline. Exposing more of the tooth structure and changing the gum level allows us to restore the tooth more easily using a crown or other restoration.

Crown Lengthening for Aesthetic Purposes

Are There Any Risks with Crown Lengthening?

Immediately after crown lengthening surgery, your gums may feel swollen and tender, and it can take several weeks for them to heal completely. You might notice increased tooth sensitivity as the tooth is exposed, but once it is fully restored it should feel comfortable and natural.

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