Don't wait until your car breaks down. - Oasis Dental

Don’t wait until your car breaks down.

Being organised and prepared is what protects us when things don’t go well.

Whether it’s work commitments, family challenges or just the monotonous household chores, we often put off the little things that can very fast become big things.

We know being pro-active is the key. You don’t buy home insurance after your house burns down and with a little forward planning your car maintenance ensures you’re not stuck in the breakdown lane between Canberra and Sydney. It’s the same with your mouth. Just like any check-up related to your health, it should be a priority and not something that’s pushed out.

With dental issues the signs that you need to pay attention can be subtle and if you’re like the majority you will probably ignore it, or hope it goes away. Well guess what, teeth do not heal and if there is a problem it’s best to investigate as it’s unlikely to disappear.

With the start of a fresh year, there is no better time to take the first step in maintaining and/or restoring your smile.

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