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Questions to ask your dentist?

Going to the Dentist tends to be a Bi- yearly routine for most, as apart of your visit we would like to continue to educate you with what we believe are the “questions to ask your dentist”

Most patients presume the “how long should I brush for” or “How much is this treatment going to cost” will suffice, however, as educators as well as practitioners here are some of the things we would love to discuss with you.


  1. What sort of continuing education have they done?

In our opinion this is a very important question! It’s valuable knowledge when selecting the right dentist for the right treatment to know that the practitioner that you are using is up to date with things like new technologies and innovations in dentistry.

  1. Do they have any additional schooling or certifications?

Not all dentists are created equal! Additional schooling and certifications assures you that continued education is a prominent value for your dentist and they believe in self-improvement to offer you, the patient more.

  1. Do they use the latest technology to limit errors, dentin drilled into, or time spent in the chair?

At Oasis Dental we have the latest technology so we can mill porcelain crowns onsite saving you time and money. Most practices have to send crowns out to a lab and book you for a follow up visit while the lab makes the crown. We also use the latest drills which are smaller and more precise in order to limit drilling into health dentin


  1. Do you let patients see their x-rays?

The true value of dental Xrays lies in the way they discover dental problems before they have a chance to develop. Just like going to your GP to get your blood results, it is just as important to ask your dentist to see your x-rays and discuss your results with a visual reference.

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