Welcome – What Makes Us Different from Other Dentists?

Welcome – What Makes Us Different from Other Dentists?

Your dental health is crucial, as without high-quality care, your natural teeth may not last for life, and poor dental health can negatively impact your overall health. We know many dentists offer their patients a ‘quick fix,’ and although this might solve the immediate problem, often treatment won’t address the underlying issue, and the same issues can reoccur as dental health gradually worsens. We take a different approach, giving you control over your dental health.

Experience the Very Highest Standard of Dental Care

Our Oasis treatment model is designed to deliver the very best modern dentistry has to offer. We provide the highest quality dental restorations giving optimal treatment outcomes. Our dentist Dr Rick Lau spends longer when treating patients because, in the longer term, this approach is more cost-effective and will save you time. We believe in the quality of our work, which is why you receive a guarantee. Packaged fees allow you to clearly see everything included in your treatment, without the worry of hidden costs.

Good dentistry is a partnership, so we ask that you commit to attending your regular dental examinations and your hygiene appointments. By working together, we can ensure you enjoy all the benefits of optimal dental health.

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