What is Digital Smile Design and How Can It Help You?

What is Digital Smile Design and How Can It Help You?

Cosmetic dentistry is extremely popular but imagine if you could see and even try in your new smile before you begin any treatment. With digital smile design, you can, eliminating any concerns you may have about the outcome of treatment!

Digital scans capture your teeth and facial features, showing how you look when you smile, talk, laugh and show other emotions. Dr. Rick will talk to you about your desires for your smile makeover to discover how best to help you achieve your goals. Your scans are then used to create a custom treatment plan where you can preview the design.

Best of all, Dr. Rick will discuss each stage with you and show you how different procedures can improve your smile.

We then use these digital scans to make a physical model of your new teeth which you can try in your mouth to see how they look and feel. Based on your feedback after trying the temporary smile on, any desired modifications can still be made. For example, if you feel the modeled teeth looked too long or short, adjustments can still be made.

Digital Smile Design allows you to be fully involved with your new smile, ensuring you receive teeth you will love.

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