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What is the Dentist’s responsibility

Poor dentistry can create an array of dental problems, so it’s extremely important that your dentist is properly trained in providing modern dental care and that he or she provides quality services.

My responsibility as a dentist is to diagnose problems early, provide detailed information about the cause of problems, and educate you on the pros and cons of all the treatment options.

It comes as a surprise to many of my new patients that common dental treatments, like resin fillings, are actually a compromise to the best possible care. My responsibility as a dentist is to make sure you know there are better options  and offer you these whenever possible.

It is also my responsibility to make sure I don’t cause any additional trauma to already compromised teeth. Trauma caused by a dentist is called “iatrogenic trauma” and can include accidental chips made during drilling, drilling too deeply into a tooth and hitting the nerve chamber, and over filling a tooth such that the filling now touches the adjacent tooth. A dental drill spins at 300,000 rpms (faster than a jew engine!), so you want to make sure that drill is in capable, steady hands!

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