Who’s responsible for your oral health- you or the dentist?

Who’s responsible for your oral health- you or the dentist?

It’s a partnership. Both you and your dentist play an important role in maintaining a healthy happy mouth.  In the next three blogs we’ll look at these roles and responsibilities.

What is the Patient’s responsibility with the dentist

As a patient you have two responsibilities: to seek out quality dental treatment and to practice good oral hygiene every day.

Having a dentist you visit regularly is essential for preventing tooth decay and avoiding more extensive, invasive dental work. Dental exams allow for early diagnosis so steps can be taken while the problem is still small. For example, if left untreated, demineralisation of the tooth’s outer layer will become a cavity. However, if caught and treated early, this damage can be reversed through improving oral hygiene and increasing professional cleans.

It’s important to undergo regular dental check-ups, even when you believe there is nothing wrong. If you opt to only seek out a dentist when you’re having pain or sensitivity, it’s like skipping the regular service for your car and only seeing a mechanic when something is broken. If you wait too long, you’re likely in for a lengthy and expensive fix. Unlike car parts, your teeth can’t be replaced when they fail.

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